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We have been proudly providing excellent dental services for the past 40 years, and have acted as market leaders in our industry.
Dana and her entire family are patients at Omni Dental. Both she and her husband work full time and Omni Dental makes it convenient to schedule her entire busy family, usually within a couple of weeks. The dental hygienists are cheerful and energetic and always explain the procedures to her children, making them feel comfortable during their visit. From the moment they walk in the door the staff makes them feel welcomed and the entire family always has a positive experience!
Darwin became a patient at Omni Dental six years ago. He appreciates the state of the art equipment that allow him to complete all of the necessary procedures in the same day without having to reschedule on a different day. The friendly and personable staff always remember his name and make him feel comfortable and welcome during every visit.
Olivia is eight years old and is a patient at Omni Dental. She likes the entire staff and appreciates how kind the doctors are. Olivia loves the toys and special treatment she gets while she’s here and she loves coming to the dentist!
Shirley became a patient at our Council bluffs location after neglecting her teeth for about 20 years. Her teeth were worn down and chipped and she wasn’t proud of her smile. Shirley came to Omni after a friend recommended that she come visit Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones fixed her teeth and now Shirley has a smile that she is proud of! She loves the kind, thorough and considerate staff and is happy that she made the choice to visit Omni Dental.
Dana (Invisilaign)
Dana was self-conscious about her crooked teeth, and while her childhood dentist told her parents that she didn’t need braces, she wanted to fix her teeth as an adult. Dr. Jones walked her through the pros and cons of braces and Invisalign, and together they chose Invisalign to correct her smile. The team used the technology to show Dana the process and what her smile could look like when the process is complete. Dana is halfway done with her Invisalign process and loves how easy and discrete the trays are in her mouth. Invisalign has not impacted her social life of work life and she can’t wait to see the results!
Jeff & Dana
Jeff has had two massive strokes, and the medicine destroyed his natural teeth. Dana tried for a long time to find a dental office to help them get a new set of dentures for Jeff and that’s when they came to Omni Dental. The team expedited the process so Jeff could have his new teeth for his son’s wedding reception and the team fitted Jeff’s new dentures perfectly and right on time! Dana and Jeff love Dr. Hurley and the entire staff at Omni Dental!
Rennie had pain on the right side of her mouth when she ate. She had a recurring infection in a tooth that had been cracked and later fell out. Dr. Hurley recommended a dental implant. The surgery was successful! Rennie has healed from the implant surgery and she has had no pain since!

Jeff Bellows

“For years, I’ve been a grinder, and my teeth showed it. Fortunately, I had an existing relationship with Dr. Knott. When he directed me to speak to Dr. Jones about my worn down teeth, I trusted his judgment – and I’m glad I did. Dr. Jones explained my treatment, and the dental team provided a wonderful experience. My advice to others is to ‘know your options’ – visit Omni Dental.”

Kristi Kreps

“At a recent six-month checkup, I spoke to Dr. Jones about my smile. I was getting uncomfortable with the appearance of my teeth. My bottom teeth were not looking the way I wanted them to, and I was having trouble keeping my teeth clean. Dr. Jones and the Omni Dental team were great. This is the friendliest and most knowledgeable dentist’s office I have ever visited. And, healing my smile was well worth the investment. My smile is now beautiful, straight, and easy to care for, and I am no longer self-conscious about the way it looks. If you are looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Omni Dental.”

Elaine Adams

“Before I went to Omni Dental, I disliked the appearance of my smile. The alignment and spacing was alright, but in truth, my smile looked like a color wheel – the color of each tooth was different. Thankfully, a friend referred me to the dentists at Omni Dental. I was able to talk to the Omni Dental team about my hopes for my smile. They listened and provided the treatment I needed to get the beautiful, sparkling smile I have today. I would refer any one to Omni Dental in an instant!”

Regina Hanson

“When I was younger, I had braces. But since then, my teeth had shifted, and I had become self-conscious about smiling. Thankfully, Omni Dental became my dental home when I was only five, and they continue to be my dental home now that I’m an adult. Dr. Knott suggested a consultation with Dr. Jones. The entire Omni Dental team was so friendly and reassuring, and they worked together with me to realize my goals for a new, beautiful, straight smile. So, don’t hesitate to request your own smile consultation!”

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