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Every aspect of Omni Dental Centre is tailored to your needs. We offer comprehensive, convenient, and all-inclusive dental care at the hands of committed and trusted dentists. We have been proudly providing excellent dental services for the past 40 years, and have acted as market leaders in our industry. Given our track record of 40 years of success, Omni Dental Centre aims to continually be some of the best dentists in Council Bluffs and Carter Lake by delivering nothing but the highest level of service for our patients. We value what our patients think about us – read some testimonials and reviews from our smile gallery below!


The thing Bev loved the most about her procedure with Dr. Hurley is that it was painless! During her tooth extraction and dental implant treatment, Bev was calmed when Dr. Hurley clearly explained the procedure and continually asked how she was doing. She describes it as an awesome experience with excellent care.

After being a patient for 10 years, Bev has gotten to know the great staff, and she appreciates that they are always friendly and answer any questions she has. Bev does not hesitate to recommend Omni Dental Centre to everyone she knows.


As soon as Erin walks through the doors, she instantly feels comfortable and happy that the staff remember her name.

Erin loves that Omni Dental Centre provides personalized care and that they go the extra mile for their patients. When she feels any pain with her teeth, the Omni Dental Centre team is always there for her.

Erin decided to switch practices and come to Omni Dental Centre because she wasn’t happy with the level of service from her previous dentist.

Now she has been a patient at Omni Dental Centre for 8 years, and she will continue to recommend this practice to all her friends and family.


Shar describes Dr. Jones as a great doctor, who is detail-oriented and easy to work with. She joined Omni Dental Centre when she was referred to the practice by another doctor.

Shar experienced TMJ, which made it difficult for her to open her jaw and caused discomfort. After coming to see Dr. Jones, she no longer has pain with her teeth or jaw, and is very pleased with how her teeth look now.

Being a patient for a year and a half, Shar is glad she chose Omni Dental Center because the staff always make her feel wonderful when she comes in. She is always greeted by personable, warm staff.


Keith and his wife appreciate Dr. Knott’s preventative approach to dentistry.

He and his wife have been patients at Omni Dental Centre for 14 years. When they joined the practice, they became good friends with Dr. Knott and his family. Dr. Knott has always given Keith good care and is proactive about educating his patients on how to protect their teeth.

Keith is glad that he chose to get dental implants with Dr. Knott. They feel natural and the process was explained well by the Omni Dental Centre staff.

Keith recommends Omni Dental Centre to all his family and friends.


“For years, I’ve been a grinder, and my teeth showed it. Fortunately, I had an existing relationship with Dr. Knott. When he directed me to speak to Dr. Jones about my worn down teeth, I trusted his judgment – and I’m glad I did. Dr. Jones explained my treatment, and the dental team provided a wonderful experience. My advice to others is to ‘know your options’ – visit Omni Dental.”


“At a recent six-month checkup, I spoke to Dr. Jones about my smile. I was getting uncomfortable with the appearance of my teeth. My bottom teeth were not looking the way I wanted them to, and I was having trouble keeping my teeth clean. Dr. Jones and the Omni Dental team were great. This is the friendliest and most knowledgeable dentist’s office I have ever visited. And, healing my smile was well worth the investment. My smile is now beautiful, straight, and easy to care for, and I am no longer self-conscious about the way it looks. If you are looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Omni Dental.”


“Before I went to Omni Dental, I disliked the appearance of my smile. The alignment and spacing was alright, but in truth, my smile looked like a color wheel – the color of each tooth was different. Thankfully, a friend referred me to the dentists at Omni Dental. I was able to talk to the Omni Dental team about my hopes for my smile. They listened and provided the treatment I needed to get the beautiful, sparkling smile I have today. I would refer any one to Omni Dental in an instant!”


“When I was younger, I had braces. But since then, my teeth had shifted, and I had become self-conscious about smiling. Thankfully, Omni Dental became my dental home when I was only five, and they continue to be my dental home now that I’m an adult. Dr. Knott suggested a consultation with Dr. Jones. The entire Omni Dental team was so friendly and reassuring, and they worked together with me to realize my goals for a new, beautiful, straight smile. So, don’t hesitate to request your own smile consultation!”

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