If you have a “gummy smile” and would like to show more teeth in your smile, our services include gum contouring which will reshape your gums to create a perfectly balanced ratio of gum to teeth  make them look brand new!

Causes of Uneven Gums

Uneven gums – too high or too low – can be caused by genetics, specific health problems and even by taking certain prescription drugs. When your gums are too low, it can make your teeth look small and disproportionate. When your gums are too high, your teeth look unusually long. This type of gum recession can expose your tooth’s root, which can lead to serious dental problems including sensitivity, decay and even tooth loss.

Gum Contouring Surgery

Gum contouring surgery can correct uneven gums. Gum contouring surgery is performed in the dentist’s office. Before the surgery, your Omni Dental expert will draw a line to mark the new gum line so you can see exactly how much gum will be removed or reshaped. Typically, a local anesthetic will be applied to numb the area and the surgery will be preformed. Currently, there are several techniques used to perform the gum contouring procedure. Ask your dentist which technique would be the most suitable for your situation.

Recovery from Gum Contouring Surgery

After surgery, you could experience some minor swelling, pain or sensitivity in your teeth. As your gums heal, these symptoms will start to go away. Recovery time varies from a few days to a few weeks. Your dentist will provide you with specific instructions to help you recover as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here are a few general tips to follow.

  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil.
  • Eat foods that are cool and soft after surgery…think pasta, yogurt, steamed vegetables and ice cream!
  • Brush your teeth according to your dentist’s instructions.

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your gums, contact your nearest Omni Dental office today for a consultation.

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