Cosmetic Dentistry

Every smile is beautiful in it’s own unique way. However, there are many ways that dental experts can help to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry refers to any treatment that takes your smile to the next level. Why would you want to improve upon your smile? It’s one of the first things people will notice about you when they meet you. Studies have shown that people who have bright, white, straight teeth feel more confident and proud to show off their smiles. If you have ever felt insecure about the appearance of your smile, you no longer need to shy away from laughing or smiling in front of others. You too can experience this confidence boost with Omni Dental Centre’s cosmetic dentistry services.


If you have an underbite, overbite, crooked, or misaligned teeth, Omni Dental Centre can provide you with Invisalign (clear braces) to straighten out your smile. Invisalign can make a huge difference not only in your appearance, but in the comfort of the way your teeth sit inside your mouth.

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Teeth Whitening
If your teeth have become stained or yellow, we offer teeth whitening services; both in-office and take-home custom teeth whitening kits for your convenience. Our teeth whitening services are safe, effective, and yield long lasting results.
Veneers, Crowns, & Bridges
If you suffer from tooth decay or even tooth loss, we can provide you with veneers, crowns, and bridges to protect, restore, or replace your teeth. Our porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges create a natural look and make your teeth stronger and healthier to avoid any further possible damage.
Fillings & Dental Bonding
If your teeth have been chipped or broken from an injury or accident, our fillings and dental bonding will seamlessly restore the look of your tooth – and make them look brand new!
Gum Contouring
If you have a “gummy smile” and would like to show more teeth in your smile, our services include gum contouring which will reshape your gums to create a perfectly balanced ratio of gum to teeth.

Omni Dental Centre has a team full of some of the best cosmetic dentists who have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. It’s important to us that we have open communication with our patients every step of the way. During your consultation, we will listen carefully and ask the right questions to discover your needs and desires. At Omni Dental, we will never over-treat our patients. We want to provide the absolute best care possible and ensure you get the exact smile results that you want. Before any cosmetic treatment, we will thoroughly explain all costs, procedural steps, and post-treatment maintenance that may be required. If at any point you have questions, our team will be more than happy to address your concerns as your safety is our priority. Our practices use the most recent and safe technologies to ensure you get the most comfortable and convenient experience.  Not sure which treatment option is right for you? Browse our comprehensive list of services for more information, or give us a call at (712) 847-8151. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation at one of our two conveniently located dental offices in Council Bluffs or Carter Lake. Let us help you achieve smile perfection!

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