5 Minutes to Healthier Gums

We know you live a busy lifestyle, and you tend to rush in the morning. When you brush your teeth and floss in the morning, it’s not uncommon to forget about taking proper care of your gums! When’s the last time you thought about improving the health of your gums? Gums are a vital aspect of a healthy smile.

Unhealthy gums can cause several dental conditions that affect the overall health, look, and feel of your entire mouth. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a simple guide to healthier gums that will only take you 5 minutes each day.

Why are Healthy Gums Important?

Two words: gum disease! This annoying infection can affect your teeth and all the surrounding tissues in your mouth. Quite often adults will experience gum disease unknowingly, as it does not cause acute pain. However, untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss in adults.

If you notice any of these symptoms:

– Bleeding gums

– Red or swollen gums

– Bad breath that won’t go away

– Loose teeth

– Receding gum line

Speak with the dental team at Omni Dental dentistry in Council Bluffs and Carter Laker right away!

How To Improve Gum Health in 5 minutes a Day

1. Brush and floss two times per day, the most important time to brush is right before you go to bed each night.

2. Make sure you hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle towards the gum line.

3. Move the brush back and forth in short, gentle strokes, brushing both the front and back of your teeth and gums.

4. Use the tip of the brush to get behind your front teeth.

5. Keep your mouth fresh and healthy by giving your tongue a few gentle brush strokes, brushing from the back of your tongue forward. Do not scrub. This helps remove bacteria and freshens your breath.

6. After brushing your teeth for two to three minutes, rinse your mouth with water.

7. Regular oral care consultations with your dentist!

The best way to prevent dental issues is by reserving regular oral care visits at Omni Dental. We look forward to seeing you!